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Moving House Glossary

Common words or phrases you will come across when moving house ..

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  • Chain - A number of linked property sales where exchange of contracts must take place simultaneously.
  • Closing Date - The date set for submission of offers when more than one party show interest in the property.
  • Completion Date - Completion of the legal transaction with all monies and documents having been distributed. This is also when the seller's solicitor will instruct the estate agent to release the keys.
  • Contents Insurance - Insurance against accidental damage or theft of all moveable contents, including furniture, appliances and soft furnishings.
  • Contract - A formal agreement between the buyer and the seller, usually prepared by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, detailing the terms and conditions of the sale.
  • Conveyancer - Person other than a solicitor who may conduct the conveyancing.
  • Conveyancing - The legal work involved in buying and selling properties.
  • Council Tax - Levied by local councils to cover the cost of local amenities and services.
  • Covenant - A condition, contained within the Title Deeds or lease, that the buyer must comply with, which is usually applied to all future owners of the property. A restrictive covenant is one that prohibits the owner from doing something.